Sorry for the LONG overdue updates ... But sometimes sharing the positive accomplishments of a crowd -- can be an amazing one - at any time!  This year we (together) managed to buy two trikes.. and Ross Mackie bought one (as well, once again this year) -- I simply can't say enough - as I reflect and update things (in my world) and all that is thankful and to be thankful for... the day was simply amazing.. and it played out as I thought it should in my cartoon brain = #awesome ..

We have so much more to share... and hope to more on point with the updates as they become available.   We have youth entrepreneur project to announce -- another apparel project that came to light -- and the winner of our trailer wrap went to Wound Warriors Canada.!   Since starting this project - We have added the Ride to Conquer Cancer and soon Wounded Warriors Canada.

Thanks again everyone, for everything..!  

1) Checking out ALL the BIG shiny RIG's
2) Fundraise to buy another trike for GRANDVIEW KIDS... (our event goal)
3) Hoping to have EVERYTHING outdoors --> No sideways rain...  (pretty please)
4) Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces...  and maybe some new ones!
5) Announce the winner of the "up-to" 53ft trailer wrap! (for Charity of Choice)

Download a JPEG to see some of what we did last year.

Doing so much... 

The paediatric experts at Grandview Children's Centre provide life-changing outpatient treatment, rehabilitation services and more to over 6,000 children and youth with special needs and their families in Durham Region every year, but close to 3,000 more kids are waiting to receive service from Grandview.  Grandview's main site in Oshawa was built in 1983 to serve 400 kids. Support from the community is needed to ensure earliest possible access to assessment and treatment for kids with special needs, and to help Grandview Children's Centre build a new facility to meet the needs of children with special needs and their families in Durham Region now, and in the future.